Friday, September 2, 2011

Random Line Friday?

Illustration by Catherine Gurri

Perhaps this is not the best place to showcase new illustrations.  It's not exactly a random line.  More like a random thought brought to life by my illustrator and collaborator Catherine.  But Friday's are for having fun, even if the resolution is wonky. 

Catherine visited last weekend and brought a sheaf of new drawings.  I'm so excited.  They look wonderful.  The Clone Trooper vs. Centurion will not make it into the final draft but I still had to share.  Forgive my impetuous nature and rinky dink scanner printer combo.  I vow to wait for a flat bed scanner and proper jpegs before sharing any other illustrations.

The kids and I are heading to Tryon, NC this weekend.  Grandma and the kids can play.  I will harvest this year's honey and work with Catherine on illustrations and rough drafts. Labor on labor day weekend but I am looking forward to it.

Titus 2 is almost done.  Progress stalled a bit on Chapter 10 so I spent yesterday mapping out themes and conflicts.  My neighbors must think I'm nuts because I spent the day outside reading out loud while making notes with colored pencils.  One more chapter to go this morning.  Fingers crossed that this, plus a pot of coffee, puts enough fire in my belly to finish the first draft. 

Have a great weekend.

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