Saturday, January 18, 2014

A writer, an artist and a duck walk into a coffee shop . . .

and get a whole heck of a lot of work done.

I found Diego Velazquez in my stocking on Christmas morning.  Not sure why, but he and my daemon duck Z42 have become fast friends and live in my briefcase.  

Today the three of us are at Mama's Coffee House refueling at the half way point to my annual Writer's Retreat.  The family is gone and I have the house to myself.  Well, myself, a dog, three cats, a hedgehog, a guinnea pig and a hermit crab.  

I have some serious goals for this weekend.  There is a middle grade WIP that is crying out to be finished.  I will be a happy happy woman if I can make it to the turning point by tonight or tomorrow morning.  

That's why I'm playing with Diego and the duck.  Just because I have serious goals and have my nose to the grindstone doesn't mean I have to take myself too seriously.  

The retreat lasts until 3 p.m. Monday.

Wish me luck. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

2014: I'm ready.

In our household, 2012 was simply a year that had to be survived.  Nothing more.  

As I struggled to get things back on track in 2013, I realized we needed to heal before returning to normal.  I was in such a rush that I forgot about that very imprortant process.  So I pared down, focused on the imortant things and moved forward one step at a time.  

Ivy has a three year growth cycle.  It sleeps, it creeps and then it leaps.  

2014 is here and I am ready to leap.   

Survive.  Heal.  Thrive.  

I'm ready.