Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Getting Back On Track

Yes, this is a picture of all three cats in one place.  That's how far behind I am on my blog.  The usual one cat post is not enough.  

No, they are not devouring a writer who fell behind on her blog.  It's bad, but not that bad.

The blogger may have been on hiatus but the writer was busy.  Titus and Annie Book 1 is sitting on two different desks.  Titus and Annie Book 2 is complete and sitting on one desk.  Most exciting of all, the first Vinyl Village Mystery has begun.  Right before Thanksgiving I identified the middle of the book.  Always a momentous event.

And look . . .

My two fellow Art Web conspirators got together and made me some spiffy business cards.  Thank you Catherine for the art and thank you thank you Lisa Finley for the excellent design.  I have the best creative support group ever.

Now I better get blogging since my daughter found the box of cards and has been handing them out all over town like coupons for free Frosties.  


Jean said...

I am really interested in the Vinyl Village Mysteries. Sounds like you are getting inspiration from neighborhood life? Or perhaps you want to keep the source of your materials mum, I would understand.

Kristen Gurri said...

Jean - We did have a swarm of bees visit us in our back yard a few years ago. I never pull anything straight from the life around me. Its more like taking a walk on the beach and but only bringing home a few shells to add to the collection.