Monday, May 7, 2012

The Mother of All Hole Punchers

The clock is ticking.  I am racing to finish C is for Centurion before the kids get out of school for the summer.  Four chapters to go and the first draft is done.

Meanwhile, I am also prepping for Science Time summer camp.   This was my excuse at Hobby Lobby when I indulged in a shiny new toy to help speed things along.  

Peggy already teases me for being addicted to paper punches but I don't care because this is the Tim Allen Model of hole punchers.

Fellow art web member Lisa Finley lent me her super duper hole punch this fall and I fell in love.  She uses it for her Recycled Materials Jewelry.  Lisa likes the precision of the smaller punch setting.  

I like the muscle power.  This puppy let me prep 24 felt wallet sewing kits in under an hour, punching through three layers of felt at once.

Prepping these mosaic butterfly cut outs was a snap with the smaller hole setting.  This punch is so stable that my seven year old has fun using it.  

As soon as summer camp is over, I guarantee I will be looking around for projects to test out the rivet and grommet setting.  For now it's back to Titus and Annie.   

Check out Lisa's blog for more great ideas and some fun recipes:

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