Monday, March 7, 2011

In Between

Fort Mill had a rainy weekend but I still managed to slip outside on Sunday and get another section of fence woven. I think my family was grateful that I could get in some garden time. They stayed inside and enjoyed the peace.

The first draft of Titus and Annie is complete, right down to a graphic and a nice little blurb for submission packages:  

Titus is a 70 page, double spaced, middle grade reader and is the first book in a series about Titus and Annie, two wonderfully preposterous only children.

Titus is an unusual third grader who lives, eats and breathes ancient Rome. 

Annie is an energetic and social kindergartner who isn't afraid to step in and help, whether you know you need it or not.  

Titus is smart.  Annie is wise.  The two become neighbors first and then friends. 

I finished up chapter 12 on Friday morning and had the manuscript in the mail to my editor, illustrator and sister Catherine Gurri by lunch time.  But I forgot to account for end of project syndrome.  

As a reader, I try not to finish a book late at night. There is always a surge of mental energy that comes with the end of the last chapter. Its hard to fall asleep. Apparently I am the same way about writing.  Titus ended before I lined up the next project and I've been cagey ever since.

It is not that I have to be constantly glued to a computer writing. It is the puzzle of the text rolling around in my head that I miss.  I also miss the focus. 

I have three options for my next project: The second book in my Titus and Annie series, Sara's Garden or The Vinyl Village Detectives, Leo and Arnold.  My plan is to blog about them individually for the next few entries and see which one demands to go first. 


Sassy said...

Congratulations on finishing this project! I can't wait to see it in print :)

Joe G said...

Congratulations, great work. Love the illustration.