Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weaving a New Fence

This weekend was a big work weekend for my sister Catherine and I.  We accomplished.  Billington, my middle grade reader, was submitted electronically and is back out in the world.  Titus received constructive criticism and a new illustration from Catherine.  We worked on application essays for Catherine and discussed illustrations for a project she is trying out for. 

We accomplished a lot but we also spent a lot of time inside.  So I have spent the past two days outside reclaiming the yard from winter and getting the garden ready for Spring. 
Two years ago, Ed and I cleaned out the strip of woods behind our house.  I used the trimmings to weave a wattle fence around the garden.  It was a happy little fence and added some character to our square house and square yard.  But now it is two years old and sad.

 So my first project this year is to make a faux wattle fence.  I'm using wood slats from last years bean screens and four foot lengths of branches and green wood to make 4' x 4' wattle screens.  This will let me replace sections of fence as needed.  The garden is also gaining a bit more realestate. 

Thanks to the recent rain, driving the new posts into the ground is easy.  Three sections of the fence are up.  Seven more to go.  However, I am out of weaving material. 

This weekend I will be taking my tarp around to neighbors who have not trimmed their crepe myrtles and beg for their yard waste.  I think its a win win situation.  They get to laugh about the eccentric neighbor who hauls away trimmed branches and I get my new fence.  


sqlgurl said...

That last wind storm knocked down a BUNCH of small (read: thin) branches in our yard...COME GET THEM! LOL

Christian Renwick said...

Weaving a garden fence like this will definitely boost your creativity! Thanks to the recent rain, you were able to gather branches from your neighbors and use them in building your fence. Sometimes heavy rains also bring good things. A woven fence is pretty cool, but I suggest that you build a cemented or wooden fence. Cemented and wooden fences are more durable and more capable of lasting longer than a woven fence.

Marvel Farias said...

Weaving your fence? I’d love to see how it looks like after it’s finished! By the way, I agree with Christian that if you want a lasting fence, maybe you can try concrete and/or wooden fences instead.

Rebecca A. Maynard said...

alongside the fence on our property and soil had been brought in to replace all that which had been taken away...and my edging had been replaced. More plants had disappeared though, and despite digging into that mulch, I couldn't find any trace.vinyl fence panels