Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kubbs for Monica

Yesterday was a lot of fun.  After officially becoming a dance mom, I took my daughter out to Mama's Coffee House to celebrate her performance.  We met up with the other dancers and their moms.

This gave me a chance to finally give my friend Monica her birthday present.

Even thought it was hard to come up with a theme for this kubb set it is definitely my favorite one so far and was tons of fun to paint.

What I value most about Monica is she cannot be summed up by a favorite team, color or animal.  There is just too much going on in her mind.  But she does love color, so that's where I started.

I chose ten fun recycled/rescued paints from the shelves for the base colors and only let them repeat four times throughout the set in the decorations.

This gift is green. Everything but the glue is recycled or rescued.

Paint and Valspar varnish from the paint shed at the recycling center.

Scraps of dowels and a slice of bamboo for stamping the circles.

Wood from the cull bin at Home Depot, a construction dumpster or two and the scraps bin from Black Hawk Hardware in Charlotte.

If you are interested in Kubb, here is a quick easy to follow video explanation of the rules:


ImpromptuRob said...

These are excellent. As are the Cow set. I am miserable at painting (as I learned this weekend) and I tried to paint a set for a buddy of mine using spray paint. TURNED OUT MISERABLE.

Any way you can provide a tutorial of exactly what you did? Like what was the glue used for?

Spray paint is probably the wrong paint to use, right?

How much laquer did you use?

Kristen Gurri said...

Rob - I'm glad you like the kubbs. Try priming the kubbs first with kilz or anyother primer. I like to use latex paints for easy clean up.

My kubbs are made from milled down 2x4's because that's the material I can lay my hands on the easiest.

The glue bonds the two 3"x6"x1.5" pieces together to make a kubb that is roughly 3"x3"x6".

Look for a kubb tutorial in a few days.