Saturday, January 19, 2013

So far so good

I am 2 1/2 days into my first "writer's retreat" and so far so good.  

Did you like meeting Alma yesterday?  How many of you want to be Alma?  I know I will be quite happy if I can scale a stockade fence when I'm her age.  Don't worry.  She's still there in all her grumpy glory.  She just doesn't get to open the story any more.  

Alma may have been toned down a bit but Ella Grace is rising to the top.  She is the youngest of four children and the little girl her mother dreamed of.  Sort of.  You can dress Ella Grace up in ribbons and bows, smocking and pinafores but you can't hold her back.  She is in kindergarten yet she can trade paint pretty well with her 4th grade brother Leo and her 3rd grade cousin Arnold. 

Chapter Three of The Stolen Swarm popped out of the printer around 10 pm last night.  

Notes for Chapter 4 fell into the bath tub around 11 pm but it's all good.  This is why an ultra fine point Sharpie is my favorite pen in the whole wide world.  

The nice perky blue Sharpie I bought yesterday and the new creature mug my sister Catherine gave me are keeping me from taking myself too seriously as buckle down and churn out the chapters.    

I have a day and a half left in my retreat and 11 chapters to go.  Let the self bribery begin!  As soon as I finish Chapter 5 I get to go Mama's Coffee House and work on chapters 6 and 7.  

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