Thursday, January 31, 2013

An Odd Set of Accomplishments

Ever list what you have done in a morning and wonder about yourself?

Rough weather last night kept us all up past our bedtime so I jollied and chivied the kids through the morning routine by singing along with random Les Mis songs off Pandora. Only I switched all the lyrics to be about coffee.

I thought my Empty Mugs and Dirty Filters rendition was spectacular.

Then I drove George Washington to school.

Next I treated myself to a new blog reader. Spent a whopping $4.99 on Reeder. My old blog reader was crashing the ipad and didn't sync to my Google account.  More reading, less cussing.  This is a good thing.

One of my New Years resolutions is to clean up my computer files. Science Time documents are scattered all over my writing folders and it takes me a few minutes to find the latest draft. Not good. I didn't clean the Augean stables but I did purge Google Drive and upload the latest WIPs . Baby steps.

I finally put the Google Drive app on the Ipad. I'm slow, I know. Just because I write on an ipad doesn't mean I'm necessarily good at all of this technology stuff. The Google Drive app excites me because now I can stop looking like a bag lady as I do the rounds of my writing bolt holes.

Last but not least, I queried. Yep. There is an iron in the fire. Titus and Annie are out in the big wide world once again.Good luck guys.

I'm off to make Thistles and Loch Ness Monsters with the World Travel kids at Lake Wylie Lutheran while torturing Peggy with my awful Scottish Brogue.  

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