Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Science Time: Crickets

Here is the promotional "verbiage" Peggy and I sent out for Sciene Time this week:  

The Science Time trunk is hopping with crickets, packed in soda bottle observation jars and ready for tomorrow.  The children will get to observe these members of the orthoptera family and learn what makes them different their cousins the grasshoppers.  We will talk about habitats and habits of crickets, look at pictures of the giant weta from New Zeland and make a model of a cricket to take home.  No live bugs will be sent home with the children.  Honest.  Cross our hearts.

Science Time supports my writer's vices:  books, paper, sharpie pens and the occasional conference.  But it also brings wonderful research tangents into my life.  This week it was the wetas from New Zealand. These crickets can be weighed in ounces!  That's a lot of bug.  With eggs, a female can weigh up to 2.5 ounces.  

Giant Weta
Even their common name provided a fun tangent.  Weta is short for Wetapunga which means God of Ugly Things in Maori.  

Hopefully I have enough fun Orthoptera information and buggy activities to override the effects of a rainy day and indoor recess. 

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