Saturday, June 25, 2011

Meet Annie

Original art by Catherine Gurri
Titus's name gets waved around an awful lot because that's the title of Book 1.  But there is someone else who is equally important.  She is also a little bit miffed that Titus gets top billing.  Meet Annie.

Once upon a time this series was a one page outline in my idea folder.  I ran it past Catherine because she is really good at telling me if an idea is half baked.  Titus was third on the project list until Catherine surprised me on her next visit with a sheaf of drawings.

Original art by Catherine Gurri
Just look at Annie.  How dare I put her story on the  back burner?  No one relegates Annie to the idea folder.  Titus can study the great Roman tacticians all he wants.  He is no match for his new next door neighbor.  Annie is an only child, she starts kindergarten in three days and is determined to be friends with Titus.  

Original Art by Catherine Gurri
Annie has always wanted to have a friend next door.  Someone she can play with any time she wants just by walking out side, just like the kids do on TV.  Titus comes off as a bit stuffy and too serious but Annie figures she can work with him.  He is wearing a giant plumed helmet after all.  He can't be that serious.

All writers need a litte Deus ex machina.  I have Grammy.  She is a former costume designer and doting grandmother who makes sure Annie's right brain gets a good workout.  When Annie tells her about the boy next door who loves Romans so much that he marches around his yard dressed like a centurion, Grammy whips together some Flavian curls out of toilet paper tubes and yellow paint.
Original art by Catherine Gurri
Titus appreciates Annie's efforts and tries to work her in to his narrative of the day.  But Annie doesn't like the role he picks for her.  She storms off, only to reappear the next day in different garb.  If she can't be Roman enough for Titus, then she'll be Scottish.  Why not?  After all, Grammy can do wonders with a tartan tablecloth and her dog Angus is a Scottie.

You have not lived until you have heard Annie belting out Scotland the Brave on her nose.  Titus gets an earful as she parades around the cul de sac in full snit.

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Kristen Gurri said...

I meant to share this in the post. Oops. It's not the best resolution but Titus will appreciate the irony.