Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Last week I received my first request for a manuscript. Hurray! This confirms that my query letters are functional and even effective. The complete manuscript for Titus has been delivered and now I wait.

On the first day of waiting
I freaked out just a bit
and cleaned all of the base boards.

So the waiting isn't that bad. Weird stuff just runs through my head while I'm cleaning. That's how Billington started so who knows what will come of this over due cleaning binge.

Obviously my husband loves the side effects of waiting. He's hoping this lasts long enough for me to redo the grout in the upstairs shower. Regardless, when I hear back from the agent who requested Titus, I will have received my first professional feedback. This is more exciting than any yes or no.

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Sassy said...

My husband might just wish that I take up book writing if the effects are a clean house! Good luck!