Monday, February 27, 2012

Estee Lauder and Me

I am pleased to present . . . Fort Gwenyth Paltrow.

My poor neighbors.  They are investing in more landscaping as we speak.

Fort GP began over a year ago at the recycling center as a right place at the right time kind of thing. A woman pulled up with a mini van full of giant cardboard tubes.  The super fun ones that are hard to find.  Recycling zen!

She warned me that they were full.  I promised to recycle the contents.

Little did I realize that this was a double score!  Inside the tubes were all the promotional materials for Estee Lauder.  The giant banners that hang from the ceiling.
The daughter loves Fort Gwenyth.  The son is revolted.  Says he has nightmares about blue eyes staring at him.


Sassy said...

I love this! My boys and I wouldn't mind being your neighbors. Our back yard would be just as full of imagination and frightful contraptions :)

Kristen Gurri said...

Sara, you and I would cause quite a bit of fun commotion as neighbors.

Anonymous said...

i think everyone needs a fort like this...someone should tell Gwenyth Paltrow what a hit she is!!

~Sara S