Friday, February 17, 2012

More Custom Kubbs: Purple!

This set of kubbs went to my sister Catherine.  An artist friend of ours made a king for her so she requested some purple kubbs to match.  

My daughter was not satisfied with plain purple kubbs.  Too boring for her Auntie.  So I let her work in our artist friend's folk art pointilism style using different sized dowels dipped in paint.  This technique let a 7 year old turn out a pretty good looking end product.  

Once again, all the fun paint colors and clear top coat came from the recycling center.  If you live in the Fort Mill area, holler before you project.  I love finding the right home for stuff.  

Vi the supervisor. 


Sara said...

What's a kubb? Is it like a block, or something?

Kristen Gurri said...

Kubb is a Swedish lawn game. We saw some people playing it on the Mall in DC. I built a set and we've been hooked ever since.

Here's a good video of kubb: