Friday, February 24, 2012

Rules of the Garage

Working with recycled materials is my attempt at good karma.  It makes me happy to give something a new life, whether its functional or aesthetic.

The problem is managing those recycled materials.  Sometimes I see something so great that I have to pick it up. Like a giant truck muffler that my sister and I found in a gutter.  Or the 5 foot long piece of pvc pipe large enough for my son to crawl through.  I know I can do something cool with these things but what and when isn't always clear.

To keep from being on one of those tv shows and to stay happily married, my garage has a strict rule.  If I don't use it in a year it goes back to the recycling center.  Sometimes just knowing that the time limit is about to expire provides inspiration.

These pine blocks came from the Blue Ridge Log Cabin dumpster on 26 near Spartanburg.  With one week left, they received a stay of execution.

Pinterest saved the day.  There I was, dithering on this awesome site for crafting with mason jars:

Suddenly I knew what to do with the log cabin chunks, my mason jar fetish, the chalk board paint i found at the recycling center and my poor lonely mantle that has never been properly decorated.

No, I haven't finished the mantel piece installation yet.  But I will.  Have no fear.  Meanwhile, the log cabin chunks have received a stay of execution and a date with the sander.


LAS Pottery said...

Consider the blocks recycled...I'll take the blocks if you still have them!!! I have been using the other ones I got to make the ones I just posted recently on FB!!

LAS Pottery said... this one!