Monday, April 21, 2014

Blue, Purple and Grey

Looking back on last week, I see a definite theme.

Wednesday:  Picked the kids up from their grandparents' place on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Thursday:  Helped a relative move into his new digs then hit Indigo Books on Johns Island.  

Saturday:  Got to Glazed Gourmet Donuts early enough to finally get a Purple Goat.  This place closes when they run out of donuts and their lavender goat cheese Purple Goats sell out fast.  Verdict:  Purple Goats are absolutely wonderful, worth waking up at 6:30 a.m. and still hard enough to obtain that none of us suffered from Post Quest Syndrome. 

Blue Bicycle Books was next.  This place is more than a great used/new bookstore with a treasure around every turn.  Blue Bicycle is very active on the literary scene with authors luncheons, book signings and (my favorite) YALLfest every November. 

YALLfest gathers young adult readers and authors together for a weekend of talking about books.  As a writer, I loved watching teens and tweens meet their favorite authors. 

Anyone who thinks digital media will turn print books into dinosaurs needs to attend this years YALLfest and watch kids wheel suitcases of treasured books around to get signed. 

However, there was one intrepid reader last year who was having the authors sign her kindle cover.  That in of itself was some kind of awesome. 

Check out the list of authors from YALLfest 2013 and you will see why I am planning to attend again this year. 

Sunday:  Unpacking suitcases and enjoying a Grey Lady by Cisco.

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