Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Piles and Piles

Revising the "Stolen Swarm" has triggered some vicious spring cleaning.  The manuscript and my general surroundings are starting to look pretty good. 

I excavated my nightstand and probably lowered my risk of dying in an avalanch.

Don't worry.  This can never happen again.  Ed and I stole the much smaller, harder to pile stuff on, nightstands from the guest room.  Now I just need to shelve all these book.

This is what 2 nightstands and 6 dresser drawers look like all nice and deconstructed.  The dresser is living a new life as a workbench in Ed's study.  The boards and hardware should make 2 or perhaps 3 Little Free Libraries. 

I am being a good critter and not letting myself build libraries until "Stolen Swarm" is ready for submissions.

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