Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Cleaning and a Note from 2009

In the spirit of Spring Cleaning, I have been going through each of my writing projects.  Every one of the little dears has been getting a read with fresh eyes and assigned a set of goals.  I even wrote a query letter.  

Holy smokes, there's an iron in the fire!
It's not just the arrival of spring that put a bee in my bonnet.  The clock is ticking.  

School ends on June 5th.  I have 53 days, 3 hours and 39 minutes to get the "Stolen Swarm" ship shape and submission ready and finish writing the first draft of "Obgin."  

So what am I doing this morning with the kids out of town, a fresh cup of cafe con leche by my side and a husband working through a chores list? 

I'm laughing at something I wrote to my son 5 years ago. 


Apologies to My Six Year Old

June 17, 2009

I am sorry the dinosaurs are extinct.
Truly I am.

I am sorry I let your sister wear your Yoda underwear to school.

I am sorry you haven't lost any teeth yet.
Our family is dentally retarded. It will happen. Eventually.

I am sorry that I won't let you blame your sister for the dinosaurs extinction. She has done a lot of things to you. This is not one of them.

I am sorry the orange tom cat moved out. Some day you will realize that I cannot compete with the woman up the hill who buys him organic canned food and hires a pet psychic.

I am sorry I introduced you to opera. I didn't realize that it would make your sister louder.

I am sorry your father let you watch 2001.

I am sorry your sister learned to swim before you did.

I am sorry I said Star Wars is not a documentary.

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