Thursday, March 1, 2012

Back To School

Hurray!  After two days of mystery ick, my son is back in school.

Yes, I'm happy he is feeling better and no longer a pasty gray shell of a child.

But I am also excited because now I can get some work done.

He is not a demanding kid when he is sick.  I could blog, work on Science Time and even do our taxes while he lazed at my feet with his orange tabby daemon.  But I could not get anything done on "C is for Centurion."

Each time I opened the manuscript or pulled up the file, dearest darling son would creep up and read over my shoulder.

"Mom!  You can't write that!  It's boring!"
"Mom!  No one will buy this book."
"Mom!  You're going to make kids cry!"

Unnerved by a third grader.  That's me!

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