Thursday, March 8, 2012

Morning Read

Thanks to my friend Nichole, I am catching up on my blog reads.  She showed me an easier to use blog reader.  Now there is less cussing and more reading.  

I can skim blogs at the table with the kids and husband in the morning instead of being an antisocial grump chained to the desktop computer.  The added perks of being a Middle Grade writer is that work makes for good table talk.  

Special thanks to Shannon O'Donnell and her Book Dreaming blog for two great quotes. 

I like myself better when I am writing regularly
-Willie Nelson

Imagination is more important than knowledge.  
Knowledge is limited.  
Imagination encircles the world.  
-Albert Einstein

These jewels are going on my word walk.  A 90 lb bag of Portland cement is sitting in my garage.  It is the very heavy carrot on a stick.  When I've met my writing goals for today, I get to make mud pies.


LAS Pottery said...

Great quotes! What's the easy blog reader? Sounds like something I need too!!

Kristen Gurri said...

Nichole uses MobileRSS on her IPhone and it works great for me on the IPad. Although, I admit I prefer to make comments on blogs using the desktop computer. Slowly becoming less of a Luddite.

Nichole said...

i prefer using my computer to make comments also now that I have computer from this century. I find I use the mobileRSS more for a quick blog read break while at work. Like today when I needed a quick break I pulled it out and read a couple of blogs, but waited til I was home to comment or read comments. Of course my iPhone screen is teeny tiny in comparison to the iPad.