Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jurassic Fail

I am never teaching dinosaurs in Science Time again.  Never ever.

Giant reptiles make kids way too excited after the end of a busy preschool day.

If a lesson plan starts to wane, I can usually save it with silly rhymes, extemporized once upon a time stories, or spur of the moment play acting.  Not this time.

I gave up on the content ten minutes into the class and just focused on the arts and crafts aspect.  The kids had fun.  That's what really matters.

Don't think that I'm discouraged.  This class was such a flop that I am still laughing three weeks later.

I am very grateful for Science Time.  It gives me the chance to take risks and see immediate results.  Science Time is the opposite of writing.  Writers take an intellectual risk, nurture it and wait years to see the results.  Preschool Science classes are the ying to the writer's yang.

Science Time also provides just enough income that I don't feel guilty, selfish or penniless while pursuing this whole idea of a writing career.

Thank you to my ever patient partner in science, Peggy Cheadle, and Danielle Hawkins at Lake Wylie Lutheran Preschool for getting us started.

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