Friday, January 27, 2012

At Last . . . A Random Line on a Friday

I'm getting ready to head out of town with the family this weekend.  This is what eight baby turtles in transport looks like.

Peggy, my ever patient Science Time partner, will be turtle sitting.  Maybe next year the babies can hibernate outside like their mama.  Four big rubbermaid bins takes up a lot of realestate in my office.

Before I head out of town, I wanted to share a random passage with you from C if For Centurion, Chapter 4.  I have never thrown a birthday party for a third grade boy before so I interviewed Annie to find out how its done.

According to Annie . . .

Party games are not cool after First grade.

Don't serve fruit punch after Second grade.

Ponies are overrated because you only get to walk in a circle, the turns are short and they plop on the lawn.

Clowns are never OK. Clowns are bad.

Magicians are fun in Kindergarten but really creepy in Fifth grade.

There has to be food. Pizza works, tacos are good but tuna fish is strange.

Science programs are neat only if they involve animals.

Science programs are awesome and legendary if something escapes in the birthday kid's house.

Pinatas allowed but no faces or animals after Kindergarten.

I hope this taste of Annie logic helps you plan your child's next party.  Have a great weekend.  

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