Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

Finally!  Christmas is packed away, the kids are back in school, the coffee mug is full and I can settle down to write with a clear conscience.

The best part about taking a vacation is being eager to get back to work.  I was itching to write that I actually broke vacation a bit early and started the next Titus and Annie, C is for Centurion, on the way down to the beach.

But more on that in the next post.  First you must endure a quick December recap.

My "vacation" started with some storytelling at Mama's Coffee House.

I've never officially done storytelling before.  Sure, I tell tons of stories and act plenty entertaining during Science Time with the preschoolers.  But their parents aren't there.

I was a little nervous about acting like a goof in front of grown ups.  Turns out, it was tons of fun.  Not only were the kids laughing at Annie's holiday antics, the mom's were too!

Then Eli figured out it was my birthday.  She brought out a delicious tres leches cupcake with a candle.  I felt pretty lucky having so many old and new friends singing to me.  Eli is wonderful and I can't rave enough about Mama's Coffee House.

This was also the Christmas of Kubb.  We played for hours with neighbors in the backyard and made a few sets for gifts.  The fun part was painting the kings.  All the paint and polyurethane came from the recycling center.  We had to make too many sets in too short a time to use recycled wood.  All 2012 Kubb sets will be as recycled as possible.  Honest.

Christmas with the kids was fun.  I'm grateful that my son slept in until six this year.  There were other surprises too:  Santa didn't realize he bought whistling darts for the nerf gun and who knew my daughter would spend three days with a doll strapped to her chest with her new doll snugli.

The year ended with the most wonderful wedding I have ever seen.  There was a neat old house to explore in down town Charleston, lots of interesting people to talk to, perfect weather, awesome music and the union of two really warm friends who were meant for each other.  Just look at the get away car.  Need I say more?

Thanks for enduring the recap.  Now its off to work.  C is for Centurion must be written.  What's the rush? Feedback!  I have received professional and insightful feedback on the Titus and Annie series.  

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