Thursday, January 5, 2012

Recycled Karma

First, congratulations to my first "born" book Billington.  He is on his way, responding to a full manuscript request.  Hurray!  Usually I'm just talking about Titus and Annie.  It's nice to crow about my eldest once in a while. 

After launching Billington I launched myself off to the recycling center.  Hopefully this is the last load of post Christmas detritus.  Why must everything come with so much packaging?  

Anyway, after emptying my car out I proceeded to fill it up again.  Usually I find some goodies in the paint shed. Sometimes I get so excited by what I found I have to call someone or text my long suffering husband.  This time, the haul was so great I've got to blog. 

There was the perfect Panthers blue to finish a Kubb set and some fun colors for the next round of kings.  Then I found a whole quart of latex gloss clear coat.  Guess whose Kubbs will be shiny and sealed?   

Someone broke the rules and dumped off some foam/aerosol teak oil.  Looks like I'll be redoing the table on the patio the next time we get a warm day.  

Our homeowners association is changing the mailboxes.  It's not hard to sink a new post, even in this red clay so we opted to do it ourselves. Black exterior paint was on my shopping list until, low and behold, a near full quart of it appeared at the recycling center.  

Then some really nice people who are building their own home pulled up with a truck full of scraps.  I helped them unload . . . straight into the back of my car.  

Now I'm off to pressure wash the shady side of the house with the gallon of biodegradable house cleaner I found at the recycling center before Christmas.  

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