Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Random Line Wednesday? Why not.

Annie took a deep breath, pinched her nose and started droning "Scotland the Brave" in her loudest impersonation of a bagpipe player.
Titus and Annie Book 2
C is for Centurion
Chapter 3: The Impatient Pict

Annie isn't allowed to knock on her neighbors doors until after 12 on Sundays.  But she wants to talk to Titus so she does the one thing she knows will send him running outside, in full Titus righteous indignation.  Annoy him till he notices you.  One of Annie's best tactics.  

Every neighborhood needs its social boundaries.  Come home when the street lights come on.  Don't knock on front doors until 10 a.m.  Don't invite yourself over to other people's houses.  No running screaming through the backyards, especially if the neighbors don't have kids of their own.  If you home school, don't send you kids knocking on doors until the other kids get home from school.   

Meanwhile, back at the Garden of Good Intentions, my coffee mug is still AWOL.  The Roman Weasel has been promoted and promises not to rest until the mug is found.

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