Thursday, January 19, 2012

Reports from a Working Weekend

Last week the kids had a half day on Thursday, no school on Friday and Monday off for MLK.  They are such good sports.  Dear old mom bundled them into the car with their bikes, bathing suits and illustrator/collaborator/auntie Trina.  We had a work weekend!

I am happy to report that Book 2 in the Titus and Annie series, C is for Centurion, is churning along quite nicely.  The first three chapters are written out in rough draft form and submitted to my faithful beta readers.

All the action and plot conflicts are mapped..  The neighbors of the house we stayed at might be wondering why those two crazy women kept taping paper up on the windows.  It may have looked odd but it worked.  I could sit at the table working on one chapter and see progression of the entire book.  This made it much easier to weave in threads from Titus and Annie Book 1.

All in all, we accomplished more this past weekend than I had hoped.  As I finish the chapters and embarrass my family with clumsy awkward happy dances, I'm going to post random lines.  It is a silly indulgence but sometimes I just can't wait to share this stuff.

However wonderful the weekend was, one conflict kept coming up in our think tank.  I am going to set the record straight once and for all.  No matter what rumors you hear, C is for Centurion will not be featuring any Roman Weasels and the Angry Centurion is not a new character.  

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