Saturday, January 21, 2012

Random Line Saturday?

The centurions muttered and grumbled as they as they settled back into formation. The rank and file were not pleased by the idea of a unicorn party.

Titus and Annie, Book 2
C is for Centurion
Chapter 2: Castra Hiberna

Only Titus wouldn't know how to have a birthday party.  The directions are not in the instruction manual.  Luckily he has Annie.   Despite her terrible day in school, Annie is ready to jump to Titus's rescue and plan his birthday party for him.  He's just not sure if he's ready for what Annie will come up with.  Quake, centurions, quake.  

It's a rainy Carolina winter day here at the Garden of Good Intentions.  I would love to stay on track and get Chapter Five written.  However, I fear I am suffering from Decaf Poisoning.  The delicious pot of French press coffee I made this morning turned out to be the last of the decaf beans from Lisa, Art Web's potter and jewler.  Her sister has a coffee shop and roasts her own beans.  Delicious stuff even though its unleaded.  

Now I'm nursing some Trader Joe's winter blend and trying to get motivated.  
Random Photo:  This stump made us think of Nessie last weekend so we took a picture and spent the rest of the walk speaking in atrocious Scottish brogues.

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Charlotte said...

That is one beautiful stump!!