Friday, January 20, 2012

Random Line Friday

There, in the lingering smell of yellow bus, Annie let it all out.
Titus and Annie, Book 2
C is for Centurion
Chapter 1, Knucklebones

C is for Centurion starts off with Annie having a bad day.  Titus saves the day, eventually.  He is a tactician, a classical scholar and a ruminator.  It takes him six chapters to figure out how to save the day for Annie.  Meanwhile, she has already come to his rescue.  These two preposterous only children may process life at different speeds but they definitely need each other.  

I'm still riding high from that great work weekend.  The notes and chapter outlines are so thorough I'm able to chew through a chapter a day despite a crazy monkey house family life schedule.  Exciting and encouraging.  

Today's goal is Chapter Four and a clean house.  Between you and me, I would rather write Chapter Four and Chapter Five while the house molders.    

Keep your eye out for more random lines.  I doubt I'll be able to keep this stuff to myself for a whole week.
Portrait of the writer freezing her buns off at the beach in January.

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